Governor Gregoire hates her budget so much she started crying while she announced it:

"I hate my budget," she said, tearing up. "I hate it because in some places, I don't even think it's moral."

She wishes there were some magic pockets of money somewhere, a new source of revenue, a painless way to save some dollars. There are! There is! It's called legalization, regulation, and taxation of marijuana and/or other drugs. (I know you know this already. But I'm going to keep saying it anyway.)

The pot smokers are going to smoke pot no matter what. Why not let them help pay for poor kids' emergency health care and aid for survivors of severe domestic violence (both constituencies are getting the hatchet—not to mention art, culture, and everything else)?

Our economic winter hasn't hit its solstice yet—there's no spring in sight. So let's start working on legalizing, regulating, and taxing now. Then we'd have enough money for a "moral" budget. And a little less of this (warning: not a nice photo).

And here's an idea: I bet lots of you pot-smoking Sloggers out there would be happy to pay a tax on your grass if it went to sick kids and other needy folks. You think we could organize a demonstration of our economic power? Think we could set up an account where people would voluntarily send $5 for every $40 they spent on pot and/or other drugs? Then we could write a check to the state in its time of need, courtesy of the Pot Smokers of Washington State...

Legalize, regulate, tax: More dollars, less decapitation!™