In Case You Missed It: Seattle Center to get a Chihuly/KEXP combo platter and a stand-alone DADT repeal passed the House and now goes to the Senate.

Budget Bloodbath: Gov. Gregoire's $4.6 billion in cuts.

The Former Mayor of Detroit: Indicted on charges of corruption, bribery, and fraud.

Don't Flee. Get Inside.: 21st-century advice on how to best survive a nuclear attack.

I Rule Yodeling Offends Everyone: Austrian judge rules that yodeling offends Muslims.

Meanwhile in Kentucky: The most entertaining meth story you'll read all week.

3 More Potentially Dangerous Light Poles Found in Seattle: "The three poles are on Capitol Hill, First Hill and the Central District; one at 13th Avenue and East Aloha Street that carried 60 to 80 volts; one on Boren Avenue and Madison Street with 90 to 105 volts; and the third at 23rd Avenue and East Union Street that emitted 60 to 80 volts," reports the Seattle Times.

Pay Up, Bitches: Department of Justice sues BP and eight other companies over Gulf oil spill.

3,000: The number of homicides in Juarez this year.

Parents Must Now Bend Over to Pick Up Their Babies, But the Babies are More Likely to be Alive: After dozens of deaths, feds ban sale of drop-side baby cribs.

Marmadon't: Great Dane snatches infant from mom, runs away.

Whoa: "A jury has ruled the Lorillard Tobacco Co. tried to entice black children to become smokers by handing out free cigarettes and has awarded $71 million in compensatory damages to the estate and son of a woman who died of lung cancer," reports the AP.

Activia Does Not Help You Poop: "Dannon will pay $21 million to settle allegations brought by 39 states, including Washington, that it had illegally advertised its Activia yogurt as being able to help regulate 'sluggish digestive systems,'" reports

Finally, a shout-out to the amazing Sylvester, the disco superstar who passed away from AIDS on this day in 1988. Watch this.