It seems hard to believe, but all of a sudden the DADT repeal, now being put forward as a stand-alone measure (rather than bundled with the huge defense appropriations bill) has enough momentum to pass the Senate. That's all it needs to get to Obama's desk, since a stand-alone DADT repeal has already passed the House.

Now, not to be jinxy, but if the repeal happens this weekend it's huge. For Obama, for the left, for the gays, for the country.

I wonder: Will you take the guy back if and when he signs Congress's DADT repeal into law? (And if and when his aides inevitably leak to reporters all kinds of details about how Obama personally lobbied key Senators into submission. And if and when it becomes clear that Barney Frank was telling the truth—that Obama really was ready to stop defending DADT in court if the Senate didn't step up and repeal the measure now.)