On Tuesday, the bike-loving folks at Point83.com announced a caroling bike ride through the streets of Seattle, scheduled for Thursday (yesterday):

I think the cat is largely out of the bag regarding this Thursday's ride, so let me just spill the beans to those of you who haven't already heard: This Thursday, I'm taking you all Christmas caroling. I do still have a few surprises up my sleeves, but you’ll have to show up to find out what they are. This is going to be something a little different than I believe .83 has ever done before.

A few notes:

1) If you can, dress festively. We're spreading Christmas cheer, dammit!
2) You will want to show up at WLC a little earlier than usual. Santa has presents for all of you.
3) Feel free to invite friends who may otherwise not be a good fit for the organization.
4) Drinks will be provided Joby-style along the route, but the first opportunity to hit a grocery store won't occur until closer to 9:00, so if you're finnicky bring beer with you to WLC.

I've been promoting the ride outside the normal channels and I think this should be fun. I'll see all your merry asses on Thursday night.

Ho ho ho, bitches.

Sounds cool, right? So yesterday, they go out spreading Christmas cheer, until a car approaches...

Well, HolyJesus, didn't expect THAT to happen tonight!

Here's my brief account, in case you guys all got too drunk off egg nog and forgot what the hell happened:

-Riding bikes up Pike in a big wide group, taking up all lanes, singing Christmas Carols for all, so fun : )
-A testy driver wants by, tries swerving through the group (woh there mister)
-Pulls up, waiting behind us at a red light
-Drives into Rider A's wheel, tacoing it (will leave names out for now)
-Many photos taken of driver and license plate, diver states, "You guys are crazy!" (Really?! YOU are mister)
-Drives over Rider B's foot, rider is pissed (as they should be!) and kicks the shit out of the door (awesome exertion of energy to witness)
-Driver tries to speed off, in the process Rider C's seat is ran over, crushing it, and they somehow end up on the hood of driver’s speeding and swerving car (how the hell did you end up there, Bud?!) and up the street they go, over I-5 toward Capitol Hill while we all freak out, no longer in any sort of control over the situation
-I ride as fast as I can to catch up, meet them at the next red light
-Driver stops at red light, and the somehow-alive Rider C simply, smoothly, calmly, confidently slides off car hood, driver speeds away at the green, and Rider walks back with me down to the group who is all wondering: WTF JUST HAPPENED?!!?!? Many on their cell phones calling 9-1-1 (thanks to all who did!)

So, let's, umm, NOT do that one ever again, eh?!

-No one is injured or dead (somehow)
-Jobies music bike spreading Christmas cheer and good energy (as always!)
-and Happy egg nog caroling with the Sugarplum Elves at Volunteer Park : )

When people bitch about the city's "bicycle agenda" (coughcoughSeattleTimescough), I want to strap them to a bike and show them what it feels like to be stalked by an aggressive driver. During a confrontation like this, the worst thing that can happen to a driver is a dented car or a smashed windshield. The worst thing that can happen to a cyclist is a broken body.

Thank god no one was hurt.