In Case You Missed It: DADT repeal vote set for Saturday and Seattle Art Museum will display banned Wojnarovicz video!

Last Night's Tunnel Debate: Relive the magic here.

On the Way to the President's Desk: The horrifying tax bill.

I Blame Skinny Jeans: Young, hip Seattle still very short on children.

And Merry Christmas to You, Too: Officials warn of holiday terror threats in US, Europe.

The Real Operation Payback: After WikiLeaks hijinks, UN mulls internet regulation.

Speaking of WikiLeaks: Julian Assange says things to Good Morning America.

Meanwhile in Pakistan: U.S. drone attacks kill 15. "Missile strikes part of CIA-led covert war targeting Taliban and al-Qaida militants near border with Afghanistan," reports the AP.

There's (Still) No Such Thing as a Pharmaceutical Conscientious Objector: "In a surprise move, the state Board of Pharmacy decided Thursday to preserve a controversial rule that requires pharmacies to give medication to patients despite any moral objections," reports

This Weekend's Hottest Flick: Dash-cam video capturing the fatal shooting of John T. Williams by an SPD officer to be released today at 1 pm.

The Back-n-Forth DADT Roller Coaster Could Drive Anyone Crazy: And Lt. Dan Choi proves it. Get well soon, Lieutenant.

Here Comes Jiggles: Despite lack of permit, titty bar soda stand set to open in U District.

Das Racist: Winona Rider tells GQ how Mel Gibson once called her an "oven dodger," and white supremacists call for a boycott of upcoming film version of Thor in which a Norse god will be played by black Wire actor Idris Elba.

FInally, here are some Taiwanese CGI robots reenacting events from the life of an American fossil.

The post has been updated since its original posting, to correct some nerdy Thor-based factual errors.