Hey there, Slog commenter! Do you have your Strangercrombie Donor badge yet? Canuck does!

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Today is your last chance to get a badge that will remain on your profile until Strangercrombie 2011 kicks off next December. Here are some Strangercrombie donor badge Fun Factz™:

A donor badge automatically makes even your most dickish, ad hominem comments appear compassionate and charitable!

Whichever gender you prefer finds Strangercrombie badges to be completely irresistible.

And as previously stated, badges provide your comments with 79% more legitimacy.

Plus more! It's just science, people!

All you have to do is donate $20 or more to PayPal and send a copy of your receipt to strangercrombie@thestranger.com with your commenter name. We are giving out badges until 5 pm today. After that, you will not be able to get a badge until next year. And did we mention it's for two great causes? It's true! So get to clickin'.

One last time, with feeling: Strangercrombie: Once a year, we do something good™.