Furry Girl (link NSFW):

When lefties fanatically spearhead every rape/abuse allegation leveled by anyone, they are creating an environment that enables and even encourages false accusations from angry parties. While it's a travesty that police and courts tend to not believe people claiming that they have been sexually assaulted, the solution is not to unquestioningly champion anyone who makes the claim. Never believing and always believing allegations are both wrong. Rape and assault are awful, fucked up things, but that doesn't mean claims shouldn't be subjected to any fact-checking or skepticism. Murder is awful, too, and even with our badly flawed judicial system, we still generally try and sort out the facts and give the accused their day in court and a chance to defend themselves.

I said something very similar years ago in "Savage Love" and caught no end of hell for it. Rape is traumatic, and we have to take all claims of rape seriously. Very seriously. But taking claims of rape seriously and taking them at face value are two different things. False accusations of rape can also destroy lives—and not just the lives of the falsely accused. (Via Blaghag, who adds: "Questioning does not make us a 'tool of the patriarchy'—questioning is empowering.")