The Seattle Police Department has confirmed another attack on a woman out walking, alone, around Green Lake last Saturday. This marks the fifth attack on women out exercising alone in Seattle in recent months. has the scoop:

According to a department source, the woman was walking around Green Lake at about 5:40am on Saturday when a man approached her near the Green Lake Community Center, forced her to the ground, and tried to pull her pants down.

The woman screamed and fought with the man, who then pulled her to her knees and again tried to force himself on her.

The 89-year-old woman continued to fight with the man, who eventually ran off. Another woman walking through the park came upon the victim and called 911.

Sgt. Sean Whitcomb, a spokesman for SPD, says that this most recent attack appears unrelated to the four attacks in the Mount Baker area, but police aren't ruling out a connection.

Meanwhile, if you're a lady who likes to exercise, perhaps you should limit the amount of time you exercise alone, in the dark, in parks. Maybe try running with a buddy, instead. Or a flood light. Or a Taser. Or a man-hating dog. Or bear mace. Or all of the above?