In response to my query and earlier post, Esther Handy, an aide to Counilmember Mike O'Brien, sent over the following update on the fight against unwelcome phone books:

In October, the City Council passed Ordinance 116954 creating a City of Seattle Yellow Pages Opt-Out System. The Ordinance:

• Creates a yellow pages opt-out site for City of Seattle residents;

• Requires yellow pages distributors to be licensed with the city, report the number of books they distribute annually, and honor requests provided through the city’s opt-out site; and

• Places a cost-recovery fee on yellow pages directories, which will cover the cost of administering the opt-out system and recycling the directories.

Per this ordinance, in December Seattle Public Utilities released a Request for Proposals for a third party vendor to build and operate this list. Responses are due January 7, and the site is expected to be operational by late spring 2011.

On November 16, the Yellow Pages Association, Dex Media West and SuperMedia LLC filed a suit (.pdf) in Federal Court against the City of Seattle claiming the law violates their First Amendment rights to free speech.

Supermedia is currently delivering Verizon directories in Seattle. If residents would like to contact Supermedia directly about their delivery or ask that they be picked up, they have provided the following contact information:

Bill Kowalski at 425-478-3252, Supermedia Local Distribution Manager


Paul Kiefer at 847-727-9077, Supermedia Directory Distribution Staff

Got a complaint about unwanted Verizon phone books? Give 'em a call. (And, if you're interested in more of the back-story on this, Riya Bhattacharjee has been all over it.)