I thought it was common knowledge that if you cross 2nd Avenue and Pike Street at 2:00 a.m., you will be stabbed. Via the SPD Blotter:

On December 20th, at approximately 2:43 AM, West Precinct officers responded to a 911 call from a cab driver at 2nd Avenue and Pike Street. The driver called 911 to report that a man approached his cab and pointed to his bleeding back. Seattle Fire Department arrived and began treating the victim. It was determined that the man had been stabbed, but the man was unable to provide any details as to where or any suspect description. The injury did not appear to be life-threatening. Officers conducted an area search but were unable to locate any type of crime scene or witnesses to this incident.

Nothing to see here, folks...
  • Schucky the Cat
  • Nothing to see here, folks...
Meanwhile, witness Schmucky the Cat describes the scene: "Eight SPD cars, three aid vehicles, sergeant on scene won't tell tv crews anything, said to check radio scanners. The aid car in the photo pulled away in silence, whoever is in it is probably dead."

Nope, not dead, just confused. Everyone probably left feeling really confused.