Here's a Danish myth my Idaho upbringing never exposed me to: Dipping your bare feet in alcohol will make you crazy drunk. Scientists with the British Medical Journal set about testing this myth for the Christmas addition of the BMJ. They gave themselves three-hour vodka foot baths and measured their blood alcohol levels at thirty minute intervals. During this time, they also conducted self assessments of intoxication-related symptoms, e.g. "self confidence, urge to speak, and number of spontaneous hugs, scored on a scale of 0 to 10."

And the results?

No significant changes were observed in the intoxication related symptoms, although self confidence and urge to speak increased slightly at the start of the study, probably due to the setup.

The scientific study concludes that "feet are impenetrable to the alcohol component of vodka. We therefore conclude that the Danish urban myth of being able to get drunk by submerging feet in alcoholic beverages is just that; a myth."

The scientists encourage everyone to please continue drinking alcohol with their mouths.