Today the King County Prosecutor's office charged 39-year-old Travis Lipski with two counts of vehicular assault. According to charging documents, Lipski admitted to police that he'd smoked "potpourri," also known as K2, a synthetic marijuana, before crashing his Subaru into pedestrians near the Pike Place Market, injuring a 25-year-old woman, 57-year-old man, and 54-year-old woman.

The charging documents include witnesses testimony of seeing Lipski run a red light while traveling westbound on Stewart Street downtown on December 16. "Witnesses describe Lipski as being slumped over and that his vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed and it became airborne after crossing 1st Avenue," the document states. From there, Lipski's vehicle ran onto the southward sidewalk of 1st Avenue, crashed into the side of a building, and struck the three pedestrians from behind (knocking one victim, Scott Braymer, onto the hood of the car and striking his wife, Susan, and pedestrian Veronika Szucs) before finally crashing into a Charlie's Produce truck parked in Post Alley. At which point the charging papers state that, "Scott Braymer was thrown from the hood of the vehicle and into the middle of Stewart Street. The front of the Charlie's Produce truck was pushed westbound nearly 19 feet where it impacted a parked Honda before coming to a rest pinning Szucs between the truck and Lipski's vehicle."

Scott Braymer suffered fractures to his ankle, collar bone, ribs and finger; Susan Braymer suffered minor bumps and bruises; and Veronika Szucs suffered from fractures to her left pelvis.

According to the charging documents, Lipski stated that he's smoke the "potpourri" about 15 minutes prior to driving and it had left him increasingly disoriented. Furthermore, Lipski said he only awoke after the crash—he didn't experience the crash or realize what had happened. He was arrested on scene for driving under the influence.