On Saturday, police arrested a family of thieves out on a crime spree at the Tacoma Mall. The Portland family was caught with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise taken from stores, according to police.

Via Kirotv.com:

Police said that the [16-year-old] girl dropped a handbag filled with 22 stolen bottles of perfume and frangrances valued at nearly $1,600 during a pursuit. The girl was found hiding in a dumpster behind a tire store shortly thereafter, police said.

The girl's mother was caught inside the store with $1,700 in stolen items, along with another woman, identified in court documents as J. Jackson, who police said had $1,200 in items in a purse.

Another juvenile was arrested after hiding in a car in the mall parking lot, police said. Two other women were not arrested.

I could never steal things with my family. We simply aren't that close.