According to Engadget, the YikeBike is now available for order. $3,595 will get you a foldable electric bike with a six-mile range that can go up to fifteen miles per hour. You can see the YikeBike in action here. Watch it being folded up here.

While I think the price (and the apparent lack of pedal-ability) makes the YikeBike something akin to a Segway, I do like the shape and foldability of it, which is based on the Mini-Farthing bike design. The pedal version of the Mini-Farthing looks like a bicycle for people who don't need bikes for rugged, long-distance travel but would like to make a lot of short trips in an urban environment. I like how you're sitting up in it, which makes you more visible to traffic, and I like how the folded version actually looks portable, too. I'd love to see someone make an affordable Mini-Farthing available to the public. The YikeBike, I'll probably give a miss.