In Case You Missed It: An 89-year-old woman was attacked while exercising at Green Lake and the author of Amazon's how-to pedophilia guide has been arrested.

Net Neutrality: Here this morning, gone later today.

Roman Drama: A suspicious package full of wires and powder was found today in a subway car in Rome.

Poisoned Food: The latest terror threat?

The Innocence Project: Three Washington State men among those inmates exonerated by post-conviction DNA testing.

Busted for Honey: A 70-year-old Washington state man has been sentenced to a year in prison for illicitly importing honey from China.

Busted for Cheese: Washington cheesemaker linked to E. coli outbreak.

$32.4 Million: What Toyota has agreed to pay in penalties after its shoddy recalls.

Awful: Actor injured during another performance-gone-wrong of Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark.

Troubled Hero: Man who helped rescue Andy Kotowicz's daughter from a car crash now on the run from unpaid bills.

Finally, here's the latest Next Media Animation segment dedicated to the latest twist in the Julian Assange saga.