(Apologies for the late-morningness of this post. As you may have heard, Christmas is the season for miscommunications.)

In Case You Missed It: DADT is history.

Nobody Puts Boehner in a Corner! How did the Republicans wind up on the wrong side of the 9/11 First Responders bill?

Shit's Getting Literal: Banks are literally burglarizing homes and illegally locking people out of their homes.

Thunder, Lightning, Strike: A UW network quickly identifies volcanic eruptions with the help of lightning.

Seattle Is Full of Horrible People: "Prosecutors contend King County deputy sheriffs arrested Jason A. Texeira, 38, on Oct. 15 after he was seen picking up a 14-year-old girl. Writing the court, a King County detective said the girl was performing oral sex on Texeira when deputies approached his car."

The New Real Estate Bubble: It's on the West Bank.

The Korean Fun Doesn't Let Up: South Korea begins a new round of drills.

They Were Against Nuclear Treaties Before They Were For Them: In spite of the approval of this last nuclear treaty, Obama's nuclear agenda looks like it's in for some tough times.

Seattle Is Full of Horrible People, Part 2: "Pregnant pedestrian shot with pellet gun in Woodinville."

Eight Trees Down: UW admits they mistakenly took down some trees last summer.

And now, an oldie-but-goodie for your Daily Muppet:

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