Gloria shares this sweet story in Questionland:

It still amazes me to this day how fondly and intensely I remember this one:

When I was five or six, my mom got me a metal die-cast Batmobile (Hot Wheels?) from the 1989 Tim Burton movie. She put it in my stocking (I think it was a dollar store special ... didn't last long) and I loved the CRAP OUT of it. I ran it all over the place and completely scratched up the paint job (thus nulling its status as a collector's item).

I'm not sure where it is now — my parents' basement is a good candidate — and I can't believe I've given it away. Part of me wants to buy a nice one off Ebay, but I know what I really want is the one I "ruined."

Anyway, Christmas/gift-giving has never been huge in our family (we keep a mini tree my mom won in the school raffle, and it stays decorated in storage) so I enjoy having a Christmas memory that measures up to the common idea of the holiday.

What's your favourite present? The one that you might or might not have loved when you got it, but whose memory has surprisingly stuck with you, maybe gotten more intense with time?

You can read about mine here. Now share yours!