WikiLeaks isn't all the British army training death squads in Bangladesh and some yet-to-be-revealed business about Bank of America.

There's also some noise about Anna Nicole Smith:

The "titillating details" of the "sordid affairs" of the Anna Nicole saga "enticed" Bahamians and changed the face of the island's politics, two confidential memos sent by the embassy in Nassau reveal.

But the scandals and chaos that followed in the wake of the former Playboy model and reality TV star also had a positive impact on the island, the memo concedes: revitalising its media and leading to a more democratic society.

The wording of the 2006 memos could hardly be more colourful. "Not since the Category 4 Hurricane Betsy hit the island in 1965," it says, "has one woman done as much damage in Nassau."

Julian Assange & co. kicked everybody's ass, from the New York Times to the Enquirer...