Slog tipper venomlash alerts us to this video of Jets football coach Rex Ryan. Apparently, someone who sounds like Ryan made foot fetish videos with someone who looks like Ryan's wife and posted those videos on YouTube. Yes! A man allegedly enjoyed kinky sex with his wife! Outrageous!

So why the fuck won't the press drop the issue? Anyone who asked some version of the same question in this pre-game press conference should be ashamed of themselves:

And I was especially touched by Ryan's closing sentiment, when a reporter asks him to talk about his wife. He strays off his dignified not-gonna-get-into-it script to gush for a minute: "My wife's beautiful, we've been married for 23 years and we' know, she's awesome." Even in the middle of all this, he sounds totally devoted. I hope this all blows over for Ryan soon; no matter what happened, he definitely did not deserve any of this.