Stephen Baldwin has sued fellow actor Kevin Costner over their investments in a device that BP PLC used in trying to clean up the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
The federal lawsuit filed in New Orleans on Wednesday by Baldwin and a friend claims Costner and a business partner duped them out of their shares of an $18 million deal for BP to purchase oil-separating centrifuges from a company they formed after the April 20 spill.

You know who else made a lot of money out of this BP oil spill? BP. Seems The Awl bought one share of BP stock six months ago:

Without furthur ado, the final profit on our one share of BP stock. Purchased for $29.67, the one share closed Thursday, Dec. 23 at $44. That is a six month profit of $14.33, or a 48.3% return. (Not counting transaction loss.) Six months ago, if we had invested $10,000 (an amount of money many Americans have available), it today would be worth almost, yes, $15,000. (Not counting soul loss.)