Green River Killer Strikes Again: The bones found in Auburn earlier this week likely belong to a Green River Killer victim.

Fuck the Curse: Spider-Man is back on Broadway.

Placebos: Apparently they can still work even if the patient knows it's bullshit.

Take That, Zuckerberg!: The Financial Times names Steve Jobs Person of the Year.

A Beer Bong Joke Would Be Inappropriate : A young woman has been found dead inside the home of the ex-Anheuser-Busch CEO.

Merry Christmas!: Vice President Biden says gay marriage is "inevitable."

No Longer the Best a Man Can Get: Gillette will not renew their contract with the slutty Tiger Woods.

Metro Denies War Crime Ads: "Metro Transit said Thursday it would not allow a bus ad alleging 'Israeli war crimes,' saying a flood of comments has convinced officials that service could be disrupted."

Way to Shop: This may be the best holiday season ever for retailers. That means the recession is over, right?

Traveling?: The Times has a bunch of resources for all your planes, trains, and automobiles.

And... Track Santa's progress here!

(And will someone please keep and eye on Grant? Dude seems to be losing his mind there in that empty little office... hopefully Santa brings him some sanity.)