I read that subject line and figured I was being thanked for the Christmas cookie recipe—Ma Savage's Chocolate Snowballs—that I shared in "Savage Love" last week. Turns out I'm being thanked for entirely different kind of snowball—and a whole lot more. Letter after the jump.

Dan, years of reading your comments helped me be totally honest with my new girlfriend and now I'm living the sex life I've always wanted. Before i was pretty vanilla with women, perv alone until I started opening up to her about my fantasies which got her to let lose her inner fantasies. Took one of us to take a risk and open up.

It slowly ramped up from taking nude photos, to hard core, to sex in public, to toys, to snowballing and facials, to bondage and BDSM, rape fantasies, to her tying me up and pegging me, to golden showers and then my ultimate fantasy: she sucked me while I blew a male friend. She got off so hard watching me suck another guy.

Moral of the story: life is short so listen to Dan! Let your inner freak out, if your partner won't let you, find one who will! I found one! Thanks, Dan!

Too Drained To Come Up With Witty Name