iFlow Reader is a new e-reader app for the iPad. It's notable because it gets rid of pages:, allowing you to read books in more tablet-friendly ways:

Manual Scrolling - This is like your email program where you use your finged to move the visible part of the message up and down.

Paging - We don't have fixed pages, but the Next and Previous page buttons let you to move forward and back one "screenfull" at a time. It's sort of like pages, but the "page" breaks can be anywhere you want them.

Trackball - The virtual trackball let's you change your position in the book much like Manual Scrolling. This is great for those who don't want to get their fingerprints on the screen. Blackberry users will like this.

AutoScrolling - This feature lets you read your book much like a teleprompter. You can control the scrolling speed by slightly tilting the screen towards and away from you with or with the Faster/Slower buttons. You can also disable the Tilt Control and set a fixed AutoScroll speed.

People do seem to love pages, though. Most of the complaints I've heard from Kindle users have to do with the lack of pagination, and when people get an iPad, they can't wait to play with the virtual pages in iBooks. But I think books will have to change to fit the tablet in many different ways; getting rid of pages is only the first step. Hopefully 2011 will bring a few young authors who completely reimagine what the e-book can be, eliminating the restrictions of the bound book and discovering the possibilities of the new medium. They aren't just books in an electronic format, people. Let's see what e-books can do.