Hot Air says that Mitt Romney's polling numbers are way down in Florida:

Why has Romney fallen so far? I think part of the reason he polled so well earlier in the year is that he was the anti-Palin. Palin’s favorability numbers with GOP voters in Florida are a good deal worse than they are most places and Romney did well in those earlier surveys as one of the few named alternatives to her. As more response options were provided in later polls the anti-Palin sentiment was diffused across several candidates and Romney’s mile wide but inch deep support declined further and further and further to where it is now.

Romney’s chances at the Republican nomination really might be contingent on a small pool of candidates running- the more ‘reasonable’ folks there are in the mix the worse Romney does because he doesn’t have a real solid base of support. If there are 5 ‘competent’ folks who have been Governors or Senators running it may be hard for any of them to break out as a strong alternative to Palin should she make the race.

Nobody likes poor Mitt.