In case you missed it: I was not killed last night.

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East Coast in Weather Peril (Again): This is why it's just safer to stay locked in the web department.

Terror Alert Color Change in Europe: Nine of the 12 men arrested in British police raids last week for “engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism” have been charged with terror offenses. Also:

The arrest came shortly after police in Germany moved against two Salafist Muslim networks suspected of seeking the imposition of an Islamic state. The arrests earlier this month were seen as reflecting growing concern in Berlin over the radical messages of some Islamic groups.

On Saturday, prosecutors in the Netherlands said they had arrested 12 Somalis suspected of plotting a terrorist attack.

Did Jon Stewart Rescue the 9/11 First Responders Bill?: A discussion.

Teena Marie Has Died: Goodbye to the Queen of Ivory Soul.

Always Look Both Ways Before Drawing and Firing a Handgun in a Fit of Road Rage: State Trooper witnesses shots fired from a car moving alongside his in the next lane. What these people really need is a quiet room and a nice glass of sherry (much like I'm enjoying right now).

Another Reason to Sleep Where You Work: Metro enacts week of reduced service, will raise fares in 2011.

Unclean!: Fake laundry detergent keeps showing up at the port.

Black Sunday: 6 youths held in shooting at Southcenter mall; no one injured.

Merry Christmas!: Man beaten senseless and left outside of bar on Christmas, says one of his attackers claimed to be a University of Washington football player.

Traffic Report:

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