For some reason, I felt the need to read TIME's Person of the Year feature on Mark Zuckerberg. (Even though Zuckerberg is nowhere near the person of the year; in fact, it should have gone to his opposite number, Julian Assange.) The piece seems to rest on one particular number on one particular flowchart: If Facebook's growth continues, they will have one billion users by 2012.

Now, if Facebook reaches one billion users, this much is clear: Mark Zuckerberg will have won the internet. Since Google and Facebook are both in the advertising game, Facebook will have beaten Google, too. With a deep, thorough database of a billion users, why would anyone go to Google for advertising? Facebook would be a scalpel to Google's blunderbuss.

But that billion-user estimation comes from projections that require Facebook to stay on track for over a year. That's asking a lot of the internet, I think. So let's prognosticate, Slog: