Unlike most football fans here in the Seattle area, I actually enjoy reading NFL coverage this time of year, because rather than rooting for the pathetic Seahawks, I'm a born, bred and raised Philadelphia Eagles fan. Which is how I just came across the following bit of Seahawks commentary on the colloquially named Iggles Blog:

How funny is it that rookie Sam Bradford is easily the best QB in the NFC West? That division is truly dreadful. Isn't there some soccer league where teams can lose their places and be sent to a lower league? Next year the NFC West should be sent to the UFL. Would the NFL really miss those teams?

Huh. Judging from the lack of local excitement I'm sensing about the 6-9 Seahawks playoff chances, I'm not even sure many fans here in Seattle would miss the Seahawks were the NFC West to be demoted to the UFL. Would you?