Vulture blog says:

More crappy news for the most expensive Broadway show of all time: The Times reports that Natalie Mendoza — the actress who plays Arachne, a major villain invented by Julie Taymor — is leaving Spider-Man. Mendoza suffered a concussion on November 28 while offstage, when a rope holding a piece of equipment swung into her. She continued with the show despite a doctor's recommendation, with her last performance coming on December 20. She also was shaken up by the serious injuries to Christopher Tierney, the actor who fell twenty feet and is currently recovering from a “hairline fracture in his skull, a broken scapula, a broken bone close to his elbow, four broken ribs, a bruised lung and three fractured vertebrae.”

People are also shocked that critics are reviewing the play before its official February opening date. This is practically begging for a poll: