The night after five teens died from a running car, eight homeless people died from wood burning in a warehouse. They were trying to keep warm.

A blaze in a small, abandoned warehouse in New Orleans killed eight homeless people who were burning wood in a barrel to stay warm, the fire department said Tuesday.

A man who lives nearby said the homeless often seek refuge from the cold in the neighborhood's many boarded-up buildings. Temperatures were unusually low — just below freezing — when the fire was reported around 2 a.m.

This sad story reminds us that humans are basically African apes, and African apes are tropical animals. Even our sleeping rhythms point to this past in the sun—at around 3 p.m. we get tired, we feel the pull for a nap. This pull makes lots of sense if you are an animal that needs a break from a blazing, afternoon sun; it makes less sense if you are an animal in a cold and cloudy climate.