Seems the conservatives really are going to pick up the obesity denial fight that Sarah Palin started. Conservablog The Corner rebuts a recent Washington Post editorial titled "How did obesity become a partisan fight?"

Hiatt is buying into Michelle Obama’s rhetoric when he says “obesity is a genuine health emergency.” But this simply isn’t so. According to the Centers for Disease Control, obesity rates for children haven’t budged in over ten years. The numbers have remained static for women too. And for men, the number has remained level for five years.

Hiatt also echoes the first lady’s warnings that fat Americans are all going to keel over from obesity-related diseases. This also doesn’t pan out. More recent research on obesity has found only a very slight (and statistically insignificant) increase in mortality among mildly obese people, and that in fact it is underweight individuals who have a higher rate of death than those in the “healthy” weight category.

Of course, this obesity-denial craze among conservatives is only a response to Michelle Obama's efforts to fight childhood obesity. One wonders what crazy cases they'd be making if she picked up Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign.