1. Every year around the holidays, for four days, everyone at The Stranger gets to take a vacation. Almost everyone. I always volunteer to keep Slogging for these four days. I really enjoy keeping Slog alive during this time with Charles and poor, doomed Grant and occasional appearances from Dan. Maybe it's because I don't really enjoy holidays and I'd rather use the vacation time when the weather isn't shitty. Maybe it's because, after living through fifteen retail Christmases, I feel guilty for not working extra hard around this time of year. But I always have a lot of fun with you Slog readers who stick around. Maybe you're at work when everybody else gets time off. Maybe you're just sick of spending time with your families. But whatever brought you here, thanks for reading. It's a dead zone for media (years ago, Gawker famously labeled the week between Christmas and New Year's "the taint of the year") but I really enjoy it, and I'm glad you could join us. Everybody else will be back tomorrow.

2. Every post I've put on Slog over the last four days I've been working (Wednesday, Thursday, Monday, and today) has been written and assembled on my Cr-48. I'll be writing more about it in the near future, but I have to say that it hasn't taken very much work to get used to the operating system, and it's done exactly what I've needed it to. I've been very pleased with it, but I did a lot of research on the thing and so my expectations were probably realistic enough that there wasn't much room for surprise.

3. The thing I miss the most during these four days is the mail. Every weekday, I get a bunch of books in the mail (a dozen or so a day, on average), and that is the coolest part of my job. Today, I went into the office (Grant was nowhere to be found, but there was a severed doll's head in the hallway that looked a lot like him) to pick something up and I was surprised to see a book-shaped package waiting for me. Mail! But how did it arrive? Our reception desk is as shuttered as the rest of this place. Hell, the front gate has been locked tight since last Tuesday. But never mind that: So exciting to get mail again! Then I opened the package:


Double Reagan! What does it mean?