Mason jars of pot for sale in SoDo
  • Mason jars of pot for sale in SoDo

In this week's paper, I write about the wave of new outlets selling medical marijuana. They aren't quite legal, but lots of 'em are advertising in the papers, online, even showing photos of who has the best pot this week—in Ballard, SoDo, Lake City, everywhere...

On a Monday afternoon, Jeremy Kaufman and Ben Reagan usher clients into the back room of their tiny office in Georgetown, to a table with four small pot plants and 12 jars of pot. The jars are attached to a lazy-Susan-like contraption that you spin around to see and smell the samples. Grams cost $10.

There's a similar place a mile north in Sodo. The SensAble Patient Network keeps a row of fat mason jars behind the counter (inside the jars, the "Lime Green" variety smells like an Otter Pop and the "Mr. Clean" smells like Pine-Sol), where pot ranges from $8 to $12 a gram for the group's 300 members. And up in Lake City, the Conscious Care Cooperative displays a glass case, chock full of pot.

Why the sudden wave and why aren't they afraid of getting busted? Read the whole thing.