Gizmodo posted what at first glance seems like a cute idea for a combination bookmark/bedside lamp:


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Okay, let's assume that they've completely eliminated the fire risk that comes with setting a book on a source of light and heat. This is still a shitty thing to do to a book: It wrecks the spine and if you leave it on the light long enough, you'll cause the print to fade. It should be obvious that you shouldn't store books open and face-down.

And! Further: This would only look good if you were reading books of a certain size and you were exactly halfway through the book when you put it down. If you were at the end of, say, a thick hardcover book and you rested it on the lamp, it would just be a giant book crouched awkwardly over a light source. The internet is full of many adorable things that I would like to buy. This product is not one of those things.

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