Do you enjoy reading the internet? Writing the internet? For free? Well you’re luckier than a waterfall packed with golden coin mirrors!

Our lovely last news intern, Matthew Lubenstein XIV, has left the building and we’re looking for someone sharp (not necessarily someone we agree with) to take his place. Duties include writing the morning news on weekends (posted by 9:00 a.m.), doing research for articles and features, and baking the cupcakes that Megan will claim as her own inventions. You’ll also write posts about neighborhood news, compile calendar events, and gossip about crime. You may even pen an article or two for the paper.

Applicants must be familiar with—or at least super interested in—city news and local politics. Applicants are also three days a week or more, available from mid-morning until mid-afternoon, and can work for three months. Last, they speak clearly and not too frequently. (Seriously about that last part.)

Is this you, internet human? Send an EMAIL HERE, including a resume and a few brief writing samples, and we’ll consider you for an interview in early January. Shalom.