I took this picture last year at an airport in... um... Canada, I think. (Anyone recognize it?) The airport was getting a new terminal—it may already have a new terminal—and I stood there wondering what would happen to this piece, which was obviously created to fill that large, blank wall, once the old terminal came down. I've traveled a lot in the last five years, and been in a lot of airport terminals that were slated for destruction (lots of new terminals were under construction when the world economy went tits up), and I've seen a lot of large and sometimes lame airport art hanging on walls that were coming down.

Where does it all go? What happens to it? Does anyone care? Is this good art? Or bad? (Jen?) And is it just me or does it seem that, at precisely the moment this kind of 60s/70s airport/Airplane art is getting interesting/retro, it's all coming down? I mean, instal that against a dark wall and it would be cool, right? Maybe not art, but interesting?