It seems the Chinese desperately want to keep Chinese Chinese...

Last week, China's General Administration of Press and Publication issued several bans on the expanding use of English in the media. The media is banned from randomly mixing foreign languages with Chinese, required to provide Chinese translations when it is necessary to use foreign words, and prohibited from creating new meanings or new words by combining Chinese with another language. The regulations are aimed at English incursions into the Chinese language which authorities believe are damaging linguistic integrity.

The GAPP's concerns are not unfounded. Like the Chinese, the French government is hypersensitive about the English dilution of the French language, which that nation considers a national treasure on par with the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.

Integrity? Purity? Heritage? In the famous English words of Private Hudson: "That's it! Game over, man! Game's over!" The minute you have to officially ban English or the use of any other popular language is the very minute the battle is lost. The ban is nothing but the sign of victory for the invading and expanding language. English is well on its way to near universality. And the far future will look back and see in the near future the devastation and extinction of most of the languages that are alive today.