5 Arrested in Danish Terror Plot: Officials said an attack against a Danish newspaper that published cartoons of Mohammed was “imminent.”

Meanwhile in Baghdad: "An attack by three suicide bombers in the northern city of Mosul killed the top police commander there and destroyed the police headquarters on Wednesday morning, adding more unrest to a region already torn by extremist violence," reports the NYT.

Back in Black White: Snow returns to Puget Sound.

Later Bar Hours: The Mayor says Seattle wants 'em. (Full text of the Seattle Nightlife Initiative Community Report here.)

Fetal Pain: The concept behind Nebraska's new restrictions on abortion.

After a Long, Slow Recovery...: Seattle-area home prices plummet.

Paul Allen Rides Again: With renewed efforts to sue Apple, Google, Facebook, eBay, AOL and others for patent infringement.

Smooth Jazz Is the Devil's Music: So thank God that Seattle's foremost smooth-jazz delivery system has gone pop.

I Blame Gallagher: Watermelon dropped on car on Seattle's Route 520.

And finally, one of the several hundred dance videos posted by the Arizona woman known as Tengobaila.