White House video of the signing of the DADT repeal...

The president has always given good speech when it comes to gay rights—it's freaking inspiring to see, for the first time, the president's good speech matched with and to real and tangible progress. The president promised action on DOMA, ENDA, and DADT, and LGBT voters—disillusioned and upset by the White House's vigorous and, at times, bizarrely bigoted efforts to defend DOMA and DADT—have something to show for our support of the president in 2008 (and our holding his feet to the fire in 2009-2010). The video ends with the president saying, "This is done," and slapping the pen down on the table. But it's not done, not yet:

The repeal does not immediately put a stop to “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Mr. Obama must still certify that changing the law to allow homosexual and bisexual men and women to serve openly in all branches of the military will not harm readiness, as must Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Admiral Mullen, before the military can implement the new law. But the secretary and the admiral have backed Mr. Obama, who said ending “don’t ask, don’t tell” was a topic of his first meeting with the men. He praised Mr. Gates for his courage; Admiral Mullen, who was on stage with the president during the signing ceremony here, received a standing ovation.

They've promised that the process will take months, not years. But it's not done—not quite done, not yet. Soon, though.