Kirk Groenig regrets Slog commenters.
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  • Kirk Groenig regrets Slog commenters.
The lament in this week's Regrets Issue from Yakima Tea Party organizer Kurt Groenig is getting a fair amount of attention in the comments.

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Maybe that's because what Groenig regrets most is how mean the Stranger's commenters were to him this year?

I believe that people have to work for a living, and should work for a living, and shouldn't get handouts. I didn't get handouts. I was a farm worker. I worked in the orchards and the asparagus fields and picked up hay. And then I pruned apple trees, pear trees, peach trees. And over time, I changed my circumstance through hard work. And that's all I ask of most other people. We have to stop the handouts that don't help. We need to do more like Jesus said, which was teach people how to fish instead of keep giving them fish. That's my whole thing. We need people to be more self-sufficient.

I ended up in The Stranger because we had a Tea Party event of regular Americans against the ideals of the Obama administration in Yakima. And for that we got called derogatory names and dragged through the mud, just because we have a difference of opinion. All kinds of names. But since you're in the Tea Party movement, they always use that same, low-life derogatory name that I'm not going to repeat because I think it's offensive. [Eds: He's talking about the term 'teabagger.']

It wasn't an accurate description. I got people threatening to follow me home. All kinds of filthy words. It was pretty bad. But, you know, it goes with the territory. I just know when I take a stand, and people don't like it, people on the left, they don't have nothing to stand on so all they seem to do is bad-mouth people and call them derogatory names or threats.

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Here's the video that started it all:

And here's where to go to talk back to Groenig and his deep disappointment with the way you treated him.

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