I guarantee you that this is the best Goodnight Moon/sci-fi mashup fan fiction you will read this morning:

When it is time to sleep, the bunny tells all the things in the room goodnight. All except the telephone. The telephone must stay awake in case anyone wants to make contact. The telephone used to ring. It was alive; it was connected to the rest of the universe. It brought news of the parents and the siblings, of the farmer and his rake, of the primroses. It has been silent a long time now, though the bunny has never told it goodnight. It sleeps just the same, and the bunny knows deep inside that the telephone will never wake, no matter how many times the bunny doesn't say, "Goodnight telephone."

The mouse is also not a hologram, but like the kittens, it can't talk.

The only one who talks aside from the bunny is the Old Lady, and all she ever says is, "Hush."

The bunny has been supplied with all the essentials for survival.

There are a comb and brush, which are not an ordinary comb and brush; they are sonic. When they pass through bunny fur, they clean it of all germs and vermin. There haven't been vermin in a very long time, though. The Great Green Room is a clean zone, after all.