ACME Novelty Library number 20 came out within the last month, and even when compared to Chris Ware's usual high standards, it is an incredible book. It's the life story of a man named Jordan Lint—literally, his entire life from birth to death—and it's awe-inspiring stuff.

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The most impressive part of this book is the way Ware channels the "voice" of his character through his art. As a baby, Lint sees things in expressionistic blocks. His mother's face is huge, her body is tiny. Language slowly forms inside word bubbles, evolving from swirls of messy scribbles into language. As the narrative moves through Lint's life, we start to get a broader, more adult understanding of his life. And as he ages, the colors start to dim and the story becomes more and more bitter. I won't go quite so far as to say it's Ware's best work ever, but it's goddamned close.

There's not much I can really say about this book. If I kept at it, I would just be throwing adjectives at it. If you like comics, you should absolutely read this book. Now. Do it.

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