Down Under Under Water: Australia flood strands 200,000.

Seattle Manhunt: Police seek man who sexually assaulted and robbed a 63-year-old woman on a South Seattle street.

Ballard Blaze: Six people rescued from roof of burning building in Ballard, one of whom is in critical condition.

Here, Chicky Chicky: Pilgrim's Pride recalls 180,000 pounds of breaded chicken wings.

Here, Cowy Cowy: First Class Foods recalls 34,373 pounds of organic ground beef.

Admittance Is the First Step to Recovery: Lewis-McChord identified as most troubled base in military.

WTF?!: Florida woman fatally strangled by neck massager.

Add 'No More Boner Juice' to Your New Year's Resolutions: FDA urges consumers to avoid sexual-enhancement drinks.

Calling Dr. Nugent: Cat scratch fever is real and dangerous to humans, reports KING 5 Healthlink.

Finally, please enjoy the glorious collision of Tengobaila and the Scissor Sisters.