Xmas is over. It's hard to keep track. . .

Anyway, just a quick Slog post to say Hey: you Seahawks fans . . . yeah, you and . . . you too. I think there are at least two of you reading Slog at some point. I'm watching the Seahawks-Rams game, and if the Seahawks win, they'll make history: the first losing team to make the NFL playoffs. Several 8-8 teams have made the post-season, but never a 7-9 team, which is what the 'Hawks will be if they beat the Rams.

Will wonders never cease?

Meanwhile, Happy New Year, and sorry I didn't post more about how much Milton Bradley sucks. Maybe the Bears will face the Seahawks in the second round. . . . they just gotta beat the Super Bowl Champeen Saints.

Hope this doesn't jinx ya. Seriously. Looking forward to live-slogging Seahawks v. Bears.

'Hawks playing solid D, but need to put some more points on the board if they want to stick their season-ticket holders with a one-and-out post-season home game.

Topic for discussion: should a 7-9 team be allowed in the freaking playoffs? At all? Does the divisional setup reward division-wide mediocrity?


OK, had to step outside to check in with the girlfriend, missed the last 'Hawks FG. A TD woulda been better, but nonetheless, Time is Running Out for the Rams.


Nice pick—doesn't seal the deal, but makes Celebration in Sodo more likely.


Whitehurst oughta learn the slide rule. Coulda saved himself that hit.


Penalties will kill ya. . . but probably not.

Another field goal. Works for me. . . game out of reach, barring a miracle. Hope the Seahawks beat the Saints and y'all come to Soldier Field. Where you beat us earlier this year (I was there. . . still pissed off).


Nice sack. Nice second sack. And forced fumble. Clearly, the Rams want to go home to rest up for next season.

Final Update
Take a knee, make a playoff bonus. And so history is made!
Over and out from Bruno's. Hope to see ya in two weeks.