...while boy's parents look on approvingly! The shocking video:

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Sometimes you just gotta pause to marvel at how far we've come and how fast. And I paused last night to marvel as I watched my husband dance around my straight neighbors' living room with one of their three sons—dancing around their living room to the classic gay disco anthem "It's Raining Men," no less.

A scene like this would have not have been possible when I was a kid—and not just because Just Dance 2 technology had yet to be developed. We had no gay neighbors that we knew of back when I was the same age as the kid in the video. And if my parents did know which of our neighbors were gay... well, my parents would not have invited our gay neighbors over for dinner much less allowed our gay neighbors to dance with me and my brothers after dinner. Back when I was that kid's age my parents believed that gay men were sexual predators and pedophiles who raped and recruited children. I don't blame my parents; that's what they'd been taught, they didn't know any better, and it would be years before they got to know any openly gay adults and began to question what they had been taught.


We've moved so quickly from the gay-people-recruit-straight-people's-children libel to gay people dancing around in straight people's living rooms with their kids. The concernstipated women at the Concerned Women for America, the liars at Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, and the anti-family haters at Family Research Council—all officially designated hate groups now (I don't think I'll ever get tired of typing that)—are all very, very worried about teh gay agenda and the "creeping social acceptance of open homosexuality," as they call it. To the haters I say: you're losing and you're losing badly—and not just in Congress or state legislatures or on cable news shoutfests. The most important battles you're losing are taking place in living rooms all over the country.

It's over, motherfuckers, you lost, and love and compassion and friendship and humanity won. Hallelujah.