A quick question: I am a 19-year-old bisexual female who has been trying for quite some time to find a girlfriend. Several lesbians I know have expressed interest in me but, changed their minds when they found out I was a bisexual. What is the reason for all the bisexual hate? I've heard about it before but why is being a bisexual such a big deal to lesbians? I mean they like vagina, I like vagina, so why can't we enjoy vagina together? I don't understand why it matters if I enjoy a cock every once in a while too.

Befuddled Individual

My response after the jump...


I'm not sure why so many lesbian-identified women are threatened by bisexuality, BI, but it's a well-established fact that so many are.

So, hey, why not... date other bisexual women? A 2002 study for the National Center for Health Statistics found that 1.3% of women between the ages of 18-44 identify as biphobic lesbian cockphobes. But fully 2.8% of women between the ages of 18-44 identify as bisexual and 3.8% identify as "something else."

I'm certainly not excusing biphobia and/or enjoyacockeveryonceinawhilephobia. I happen to enjoy a cock every once in a while myself. But if lesbians annoy, disappoint, or discriminate against you, BI, you can revenge yourself by upon them—discriminate against them!—by resolving to date other bi and/or "something else" women exclusively. And it's not like doing so will limit your options; again, there are more than twice as many bi-identified women as out there as there are lesbian-identified women and nearly three times as many something-else-identified women. What are you waiting for? Go find 'em and fuck 'em!

Unless, of course, you're one of those bisexuals who enjoys complaining about the women who won't fuck her more than she enjoys fucking with the women who will.

And because everything reminds me a Tim Minchin song lately, here's his peace anthem for Palestine—can you spot the line that reminded me of something in your letter?