Happy New Year on Wall Street: Stock market leaps into 2011.

Seahawks!: Underdogs make the playoffs.

RIP Pete Postlethwaite: Beloved British actor dies after long battle with cancer.

Raunchy Seamen: "The Navy has opened an investigation into how a series of raunchy videos, full of sexual innuendo and anti-gay remarks, were produced and shown to the crew of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise while on deployment supporting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan," reports CNN.

That's Terrible, Dahlink: Zsa Zsa Gabor to undergo partial leg amputation.

Tonight!: The Alaskan Way Viaduct project (and attendant road closures) begin.

Trash Saves: Suicidal man leaps from ninth floor window in NYC, lands safely on humongous garbage pile.

Web War: Expedia drops American Airlines over iffy new pricing model.

New Owners for KOMO?: A Canadian real estate company wants to buy Fisher Communications.

Did You Oversleep?: Blame it on your iPhone.

Finally, apropos of nothing, here's the short film David Lynch directed to promote Michael Jackson's 1991 album Dangerous. Lynch was coming off of a Cannes win for Wild at Heart, Jackson was heading into his first batch of molestation allegations, and here is the film.

This post has been updated to include mention of the death of Pete Postlethwaite.