A moment from Ang Lee's sexy movie Lust Caution.

  • Those are flowers. I'm a flower. A flower is looking at a flower that's looking at a flower. How beautiful.

China Daily rated the young star of Lust Caution, Tang Wei, as one of the top cover models of 2010. But her climb to the top of this splendid mountain was not a piece of cake...

The naked scenes in Ang Lee’s Lust Caution catapulted actress Tang Wei to sensational fame as well as engulfed her into overwhelming controversy. The immense strains wretchedly put this uprising star in a miserable dilemma with her performing career stagnated. With the lapse of two-year self-discovery, Tang returned to the public’s attention this year with her two films screened—Crossing Hennessy and Late Autumn; the former one earned her the nomination for Best Actress of Golden Horse Awards. To further propel her career, Tang is already featured in three blockbusters which will hit the cinema in 2011.
Those naked scenes did not destroy her drive. No way, Jose! 2011 will see her career reach the tops of new and more marvelous mountains.

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