What the fuck?

An investigator says two loaded guns were found on the bed of a 10-year-old Ohio boy charged as a juvenile with murder in the shooting death of his mother.
Chief Deputy Nathan Fritz of the Holmes County Sheriff's Office says one weapon was a .22-caliber rifle investigators believe was used to fire the fatal shot. Fritz tells The Daily Record of Wooster (WU'-stur) the other was a 12-gauge...
The article has an image of the boy in leg irons! But this boy can't be a criminal. Yes, he allegedly shot his mother (a bullet in the head), yes he was bad for not doing his chores, for not carrying the firewood or performing whatever domestic trifle that triggered this tragedy (the boy apparently has a sister). But there is no other question that should concern the public and the state than this one: How did the boy obtain a gun? The answer so far: It was a gift from a grandparent. Not only that, the boy had access to two guns.

Now, a little reasoning: What is a boy? A boy is a child. What is a child? A child by nature doesn't know much at all and is fully consumed by the slow process of growing up. So, what's the problem here? The problem is many American adults are unable to grasp the actual status of a child. If you say to them exactly what a child is (a dull, formless, underdeveloped mess), they get all worked up, they think you're being cold, they think you're unloving, they even think you're an abusive parent. But if you don't see a child as it actually is, you can only imagine they are fully developed. And if you think a child is a fully developed person, then you will not see anything wrong with a legal system that processes and punishes them as adults.

If there are guns in a house, the parent (not the child) must take full responsibility for them. This is a fact. Rejecting this fact is totally nuts. It is, therefore, the mother who is responsible for the death in her family. It's far more sensible to put the leg irons on her corpse than on the boy. Full stop.