"Police say Justino Sanchez sprinkled gasoline around a room Saturday at his parents' home in the northern town of Florida and then set it on fire with a blowtorch as 13 family members gathered for a meeting": KIRO on the Seattle couple attacked in Puerto Rico by family member with a blowtorch.

Murder Mystery: Body of former Pentagon official found in Delaware landfill.

Bill Daley: Former secretary of commerce on Obama's shortlist for chief of staff.

Meanwhile in Pakistan: Governor of Punjab province is assassinated.

Obama's Health Care Overhaul: Headed for the GOP chopping block.

$211 Million: A Canadian real estate firm's bid for Fisher Communications.

Flaming Betrayal: Firefighter accused of dousing co-worker with lighter fluid and setting him on fire.

Hotels for the Dead: Giving Japanese families a place to store loved ones "while dealing with the grief and pressure of a funeral," reports ABC.

Coming to Your Doctor's Office: A blood test so sensitive that it can spot a single cancer cell lurking among a billion healthy ones.

An Aging Optometrist with Alzheimer's: The alleged victim of a lady swindler from Coupeville.

An Aircar for Every Home: Great thinkers of 1931 predict what 2011 will bring.

Keep Her In Your Prayers: Broadway's Spiderman gets a new lead actress.

FInally, happy birthday to Bernard Sumner, founding member of the great Joy Division and even greater New Order, born on this day in 1956. After starting out mimicking the vocal drone of the departed Ian Curtis, Sumner grew into his own sweet warm voice. Here's proof from New Order's 1986 release Brotherhood.