The theme is musicians. The musicians in question will be:

Jason Finn (drummer of Presidents of the United States of America), Sean Nelson (frontman of Harvey Danger and star of stage and screen), Susanna Welbourne (of The Intelligence*), and Kyle O'Quin (of Wild Orchid Children and Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground).

Kyle will be playing Chopin, Beethoven, Schumann, and some other stuff on that piano in there while everyone sits around and reads. Like always, it happens at the Sorrento, it starts at 6 pm, it's free, you get to read whatever you want, and a perfect Manhattan is on special for $4. Wingback chairs, fireplace, the company of other people reading—all that's free. In keeping with the theme, I'll be finishing up Patti Smith's (fucking amazing) memoir Just Kids.

* Lars Finberg was going to join us for this evening but then was unexpectedly abducted by aliens and dropped in Los Angeles for a while, so Susanna's graciously stepping in.